Product and Interaction Designer

Softgoods Adaptive Cycling Jacket

This is a group project done with Uriel Eisen & Sebrand Warren that dealt with creating a softgood that promoted the conservation of energy. It is our belief that creating an adaptive, multi-seasonal cycling jacket, people interested in choosing bicyclic transportation will be more inclined to bike even with varying climate. The jacket uses an integrated inflatable bladder system to change the levels of insulation between the rider and the extremities. ‘

The Problem

All three of us use bicycling as our main form of transportation. The temperature is drastically different in the morning than it is in the evening. We wanted to create a jacket that can adapt to changing conditions.



Thermal Imaging

To aid in our research, a thermal camera was used to capture a body put through extreme activity in order to locate key points on the body that give off and lose heat while cycling. We found the shoulders, neck, face and chest as just some of the areas that are most effected by the elements.  



It was very important to pinpoint specific hot-spots on the body in order to design the insulative bladder to optimally meet the needs of a cyclist. 




The internal bladder of is made out of a heat-sealable nylon taffeta. It inflates and deflates through a bite valve located near the chin of the cyclist. 


This video shows the many aspects of our process that went into the conceptualization and the fabrication of the jacket.